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play and eat toddler
play and eat toddler

A rear access high chair, that is free from the inevitable association of discipline and restraint. The child may engage positively with her own special seat that is fun and stimulating to use, whilst providing complete security. The seat is hand crafted out of solid ash and leather, designed to appeal to both the child, and the most design conscious parent!


Utilizing four different options, the Play&Eat Saddle Seat spans from babyhood up until she can use an adult seat. The chair will grow, together with your child’s development.


The toddler base unit, and older child handlebar option may be used without adult help, allowing the child the independence to get up or down safely. This eliminates the common dangers of children climbing into and out of high chairs and falling. There is an additional back support for the younger child who needs more security. Rockers are also available to transform to a rocking horse - for added play experience.


The enduring appeal to the child is considerable and encourages her to stay at the table whilst eating, playing or working - a universal difficulty for parents! The straddled sitting position is ergonomically beneficial for posture and development. For the child the seat is special and unique, she sits astride the chair in much the same way as on a rocking horse. Whilst on one hand it is a safe seat for a toddler to use at adult dining table height, it is also a toy and likely to become a much loved character, passed down through generations.



PLAY&EAT SADDLE SEAT designed by Tamasine Osher Design:

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